Wood Fence Repair

When your wood fence is installed, we ensure that they are all properly treated and set in concrete to prevent below ground rotting. However, this does not mean that your wooden fence will not require repair at some time or another.  In addition to the hazards of the weather, your fence will also be subjected to other forces that you cannot possibly predict.  A car could knick your fence backing up (or pulling in) in your yard, children naturally have an urge to climb and animals such as squirrels and other yard pests can damage the wood.  At Ohio Fence Works Fence Company we understand that your fence adds to the beauty of your home and we are more than prepared to repair your wood fence.

Chain Link Fence Repair

In spite of your best efforts to keep your fence looking like new, your chain link fence will show signs of aging. There is no need for your chain link fence to become an eyesore and take away from the beauty of your property.  Let Ohio Fence Works evaluate the condition of your chain link fence and tell you what can be done to ensure that it continues to be not just serviceable, but that it does not show signs of aging and damage.  At Ohio Fence Works we believe that your fence should last a long time.  Making repairs to your chain link fence can ensure that its lasting beauty continues to enhance your property.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl is one of the easiest fencing to repair.  Fortunately, the individual pieces are all independent of each other and one damaged panel can be easily removed and replaced. Don’t let damage to your vinyl fence create an eyesore, instead, call Ohio Fence Works and let us evaluate the damage and suggest a cost effective repair method. Whether your fence is in need of a major overhaul or is in need of minor repairs, we are well qualified to deal with all of your vinyl fence repairs.

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