Ornamental FAQ’s

  • Do I need a fence contractor or can I do the installation on my own? – For best results, we recommend using a qualified fencing contractor who has the necessary equipment and tools to install the fence correctly to specifications.
  • Does ornamental fencing comply with building codes for swimming pools? – Each area has different standards for building codes. Many of Ohio Fence Works products meet swimming pool codes. It is best to have the fencing contractor check the local codes so the proper fencing is orders to meet the local requirements.
  • Will children be harmed by the pointed ends on the fence pickets? – Children should always be warned of dangers which exist. They may suffer harm if they attempt to climb over the fence. It is not recommended to use this type of picket on fences less than six feet high.
  • What is the warranty? – Ohio Fence Works offers warranties for ornamental fence products depending on the style.
    • Most ornamental fence manufactures offer 12-15 years limted time warranties on there materials.
    • If a claim arises, the warranty claim is handled directly by Ohio Fence Works
  • What are the best attachment systems for the fence pickets? – Each system has a specially designed fastener such as retaining rods, rivets, or self-tapping screws which works best for the system. Welding is not used because welding destroys the protective finish making rust possible.
  • How strong are ornamental fence gates? – Gates have a warranty for defects in either materials or workmanship and have been specifically designed to withstand the abuse from pets, people, or vehicles.
  • Do vehicle gates work with gate operators? – Both swing and cantilever style gate operators work fine with ornamental gates. 

We Provide the Best Solutions for Ornamental Fencing in Ohio!

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